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Published on May 7th, 2013 | by Aneta Wasilewska


InstaForex. The best forex brokers. Opinions

InstaForex is an ECN type of broker, operating on the market since 2007 and being the property of the company InstaTrade Corporation.

InstaForex offers access to the latest information technology and high quality of products. The big advantage of the broker is the multilingual site on which you can follow the current ratings of the market and learn the basic education instruments.

InstaForex constantly strives for each client to be convinced about the highest level of the service and meeting the needs connected with the investment business on financial markets. It provides safety of deposits and is regulated by the Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Financial Markets.

The advantages of InstaForex are, moreover, among others: leverage from 1:1 to 1:1000, access to the demo account, current information of the most important world information agencies Reuters, possibility of creating accounts without swaps and the highest quality technical service and consultation service – open 24h 5 days a week. An additional advantage is a small minimal account deposit – already from 1$.

InstaForex. Transaction platforms

  • InstaTrader – application which is based on the famous and most popular among traders platform MetaTrader4 – distinguished by the ease of use and reliability and speed. Available also in version MT5.

  • Mobile version InstaTrader – available for mobile devices – separately for operational systems IOS and Android

InstaForex. Opinions about the forex broker

We are waiting for your opinion on InstaForex. To leave the opinion about the InstaForex broker please complete the form. Filling in the fields and leaving the opinion about the broker in the service Ranking of Forex Brokers, you get the right of its publication and the possibility of modification without any costs. Opinions about the broker with wrong e-mail addresses will be removed.

InstaForex. The best forex brokers. Opinions Aneta Wasilewska

Summary: The popular MetaTrader4 platform, leverage up to 1:1000, the highest quality service, no restrictions on deposit, bonus offer, low fixed spreads.


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  • Natty

    I used for 2 years, good of service minded, easy to withdraw

  • Max

    Instaforex is a solid broker with no problems. Very fast response customer support.

  • Grace

    Very best broker / Great customer support

  • Janie

    This broker give me a lot of bonus and I can make money from them alot. Love it so much!

  • Jenie

    I just try to trade with Instaforex, It’s good and have a free bonus now.

  • Lyla

    I like welcome bonus!

  • beyonce

    Instaforex seems to be a reliable broker for me and my friends. The customer support is always available to answer my queries and their trading platform is very user-friendly.

  • les.fx_35

    This is a reliable broker with a lot of services for newbies and professionals too! My friends told me about this broker a long time ago, so I decided to give a try. From the beginning, i found all material for trading and i took the course for beginners and finally i understood many aspects of forex market. As they offer many types of accounts, i chose to open an account according to my needs. I agree to the others comments i see here, such as welcome bonus of 30%, it’s very useful to increase your deposit! I really like Instaforex.

  • fx-manuel

    I definitely stay with InstaForex. Like many other traders, I’ve tried some other brokers but i feel secure when i trade with instaforex. Of course this market is very volatile and as soon you can win a lot of money, you can loose it too. But at least, this broker gives you all tools to carry out a good trading such as fixed spreads, a nice and easy to use platform and many servers. I hope to keep on trading with instaforex for a long time :)

  • tati-mdz-pip

    Compared to other brokers, i will just say that this broker really cares about their clients. At least, the customer service is very professional and solve all my doubts without delay by phone, email or even live chat, which is great because i think everybody likes fast replies. The program of bonuses is very helpful to increase deposits and to trade more. What I like the most is that with InstaForex, i can use scalping and binary options. That’s why I recommend it to everybody!

  • FxBoy

    What could i say about InstaForex? Nothing but they are a leader broker in FX market. Until now, i’m very happy with this broker because they offer me all what I want in a broker – confidence and quality. My trades have generated good earnings since I opened an account with InstaForex. As i’m part of InstaForex Club, I enjoy more benefits than the other clients, my deposits can increase by 10 or 15% for every deposit I make and as I have a good record, I can access to VPS hosting for free, so my trading is more secure than ever! You should try this broker out.

  • Luiztrdr

    I have been very happy with Instaforex slippage is almost non-existent and the speed that my orders are executed is allot better than my last forex broker, this shows that they are a serious broker and have invested in their IT infrastructure. Another great thing is that their version of the MT4 platform has a one-click trading module. There is also a pretty cool feature on their platform that allows my to move my stop-loss and take-profits from by clicking on the lines shown on the chart. I also like their Web-Trader platform. I would recommend Instaforex to any trader who wants a professional trading solution.

  • MelissaFx

    InstaForex has provided me all necessary to carry out my trades calmly and without fears of market wiggles. They always keep their website updated with the latest news and services. They have a lot of educational material in their website to understand basic aspects of Forex market: indicators, systems of trading, strategies and so on. And with One Click Trading complex, to set orders and positions is extremely easy. Also, their contests and campaigns are well designed for everybody’s needs and the best is that you don’t need to invest money to participate as most of their contests are hold in a demo account. Great, isn’t it?

  • MiriamMorenoFx

    I only trade with InstaForex and I’m very proud of being its clients. My trading doesn’t cease to improve thank to them. The contests and campaigns are a good way to shape your trading and earn real money for your trading account. In fact, i love to use scalping and binary options and the conditions of this broker are excellent for these two kinds of trading. Also, now i can trade with Bitcoins. They always are innovating, that’s why I chose them.

  • Fx4everluis

    I totally recommend InstaForex to everybody who is looking for a reliable and serious broker. This broker has helped me a lot in my daily trading. Thank to InstaForex, I have a better understanding of forex market and I know how to set my orders and positions in MT4 platform. Every day I check its forum where there is additional information about many strategies and basic aspects of trading. Also, you can meet other traders and share experiences. Two thumbs up!

  • Drifx

    Good broker with innovate services in FX market. I opened an account with just one dollar and with the line of bonuses they offers, I can increase my deposits by 30, 55, 45 o even 250%! What I like the most is that customer service is available 24 hours and that makes me feel secure. I’m very happy to finally have found a reliable and honest broker where i can trade without any problem.

  • dorafxtrader

    I’m very satisfied with all services provided by InstaForex. This is my favorite broker and I know I will never find another broker as good as it is. My earnings have increased considerable thanks to ForexCopy system. I usually copy trades from successful traders and only pay for this service if those trades were successful. It’s a good way to learn from other traders and to improve your strategy. I totally recommend this broker.

  • elisa34fx

    I’m completely satisfied with all services and promos provided by InstaForex. I think its customer service is nice and totally respectful with clients. They are always ready to solve my problems concerning to Forex market. In fact, I’ve visited its representative office in Moscow and I felt like my home. I’m trading with InstaForex 8 months ago and I haven’t faced any problem so far.

  • Aron_profitsfx

    This broker has a excellent customer service; very nice and professional. I can communicate with it by several options, including live chat. Also, withdrawals and deposits are almost instantly and I can use a lot of ways to do them. Good educational material as well as analysis and forecasts to build daily strategies.

  • hunter_pips

    InstaForex is good for newbie traders because it explains very well every aspect of Forex market and in its website, there’s a section where you will find many tutorial videos about every aspect of InstaForex: how to open a deal, how to download trading platform and so on. Also, PAMM system is a profitable way to get earnings without trading, because another trader manage your investments.

  • Lukka

    Satisfied and happy with InstaForex, spreads and customer service is exceptional. Platform is MT4 which is also my favorite because robots work well and it is reliable.

  • Fxstreet_45

    InstaForex is a broker which I would recommend to everybody. As hunter_pips says, it’s a great help for beginners because they have patient and really care about your trading progress. Courses and seminars by InstaForex are well designed and cover several aspects of forex market. In its Facebook account, they always provide forex tips and other guides, which are helpful too.

  • Aneeta

    Hi guys, I would like to inform you about this broker that they have a very reliable trading services which you can increase your earnings immediately and also learn a lot of things about Forex.

  • Nadiapip

    My trading is almost perfect with InstaForex. I’m very grateful with this broker because thanks to it, i could learn many basics of forex market, especially how to build strategies and interpret graphics and so on. This broker is ideal for newbies and professionals too; Forex Trainer is excellent to train and see your mistakes.

  • esmeraldaUSDFX

    InstaForex is a good broker (i think their numerous awards confirm this), good execution of orders and no requotes when release of news. Spreads are low and fixed. You can change leverage according to your strategy and they offer many ways to increase your deposit, such as program of bonuses. Also, they have their own forum, when you can get money for posting and I found very important information there for my trading. I suggest you to try this out.

  • berthapip

    insta generated me good earnings since i opened a live account free of swap. I like this type of account because i can leave my positions opened from one night to another. Bonuses are a good option too to increase deposits and with the bonus points I earn with my trades, i can buy nice gifts at online shop InstaForex.

  • WazapFx

    Instatrader seems to me a perfect trading platform to invest in forex market. It works perfectly, without requotes and several servers inside. Also, it’s easy to switch between accounts. Finally, services such as PAMM and ForexCopy are very profitable and all the process is totally transparent.

  • Clariz

    I would like to say that InstaForex is a reliable broker in our region and has good policy with clients relationship. Deposit is instantly (via LR) and withdrawal is fast too. Sure its been good since 6 months that I met them…I solely hope that InstaForex continues their standard.

  • Kazuo J.

    All this time trading with InstaForex has been fruitful. I admit that this is a reliable and serious broker which has provided me a great experience in forex market. Thank to InstaForex, I could learn more about trading, strategies, forex signals and so on. Also, I can trade with a wide range of trading tools and make scalping and to try binary options.

  • les.fx_35

    InstaForex was my first choice when i started to trade in forex market. Until now, I don’t need another broker because instaforex offers me tight spreads, fast execution of trades and all tools for a successful trading such as daily analysis, bonuses, etc.

  • Peaceforex

    My 1 year Forex trading did with few other broker and find Instaforex reliable broker for good MetaTrader Platform. Withdraw is fast within the day. Never faced any problem regarding withdrawl and also deposits. Spread is tight on Major pairs.

  • J-chan

    Instaforex constantly improving their trading services and at the same time offers numerous opportunity to make additional money from joining their contests. They were constantly upgrading their platform and unceasingly launching new profitable services.

  • Shin-zuFx

    With InstaForex, I could learn how to control my emotions and to manage my risks and earnings. In its forum for traders, i win money just for posting, which is great because i can use it to my daily trading. Also, there’s good information related to trading in Forex, so i learn something new every day.

  • trader-victoryuan

    I have trade with InstaForex for already 7 months and I have increased my money a lot thank to their PAMM and ForexCopy systems. Also, I haven’t had any problems when withdrawing my funds, this is really the best reliable broker of this market.

  • Hortensia_mfx

    This broker offers good services and benefits for traders, no matter what would be the trading experience. I have an account free of swap, so I don’t pay commission to leave my trades overnight.

  • Antonio_Forex

    All my trading with Insta has been amazing so far. I learnt a lot from all its educational material I found in its website, well designed and split in sections for newbies and professional traders. Instatrader works well, without problems of delay or requotes.

  • El_cazapip

    I’m very happy to see that InstaForex has such a very good comments! I also have a good opinion about this broker. Excellent spreads, no requotes in its trading platform Instatrader and no delay in the execution of trades. Customer department is nice too.

  • Jenny

    So far, so good. I am trading with them around one year. Fast execution and withdrawal. I doubled my capital within a week. I agree they’re the best. Honest, professional company. Strongly recommended.

  • Jaiki

    They are pretty to work with and I have no problem in depositing and withdrawing my money with them so definitely I would recommend them.

  • Battlingfx

    I have no trouble when trading in instaforex, they serve me very well and profession, if I have any problem with my account they help me detail until I understand, trut me to open account in instaforex.

  • Nanubia

    What I like the most about InstaForex is that this broker always updates all the services improving them a lot. For example, they have an unique leverage of 1:1000 for experienced traders of course and the possibility to have both the ForexCopy and PAMM systems in only one account.

  • Nazika

    I am so convinced that InstaForex is the best broker, I haven’t know another broker that offer their benefits like a leverage up to 1:1000, different types of real accounts: standard, eurica and cents. I started in a demo account at first, then I open a cent account as this type of account has lower risks and now I am trading in the standard account and everything is going very well.

  • Greidy

    I don’t know another broker that can offer such a good benefits as InstaForex. Customer service is really impressive, always available to help me at any time. My trades are profitable as I could learn a lot with them and with all its educational material found at its website.

  • Jenny

    Instaforex seems like the most reasonable choice for any trader looking for fixed spreads. Traders can also access market liquidity through straight processing connecting to the traders liquidity providers. I love it. My trading system is trading very well.

  • Titan

    Customer support: Best I have ever experienced with any broker EVER. telephone and email responses within minutes at times.

  • Pearl90

    I know I did a good choice with this broker. It’s very reliable and transparent in all its services, especially in its contests and campaigns. They are well designed and most of them are carried out in demo accounts. There are a lot of prizes if you win, such as gadgets, bonuses and real money.

  • Falcinne

    InstaForex is the best broker, where everybody can trade without any type of issue. This provides good spreads, always tight and fixes. Moreover, I can request a bonus to increase my deposits, there are a lot!

  • Titan

    I like to trade with InstaForex because I can earn more profits with this broker by their bonus and contest programs. They have many contest everyday for their clients get more profits. Especially, they offer many kind of intrusment to deposit and withdraw money.

  • Jenny

    I used to trade with IronFX but It’s not work. So, I decide to open an account with Instaforex. I think It’s a good service for me after I try to use demo account. Now I got 10$ just from click like Instaforex thai fanpage.

  • Rose_45

    I also think that InstaForex is the best company Forex worlwide. With them, i can increase all my deposits with its wide range of bonuses. I have requested some of them and I see them in my account in a few hours.

  • Ham

    Whatever your problem, always Instaforex will work towards solving it, they will call you to give instructions and will stick with you until you have everything working. Serious and courteous. Nice people to work with.

  • Nala_oo

    Definitely, InstaForex is the best broker around the world. I see positive comments everywhere and i am a client of them for a long time. I tried other brokers, of course, but this offer the best spreads of the markets.

  • Jamil

    My performance with InstaForex has been great so far. I have no doubts that this is a solid and reliable broker. My trades are carried out normally and almost all of them generated me earnings and i can withdraw these earnings by several payment methods.

  • Nadia Orue

    I am so satisfied with my trading in InstaForex because I have received excellent trading conditions and a wide range of services to continue trading in the Forex Market with no problems. Particularly, I prefer the service called PAMM system because I could increased my money a lot without having to be so worry about my the market movements. You should try to trade with them too.

  • Nisa

    InstaForex is a reliable and trusted broker. It’s good to know that I’m dealing with an authorized financial services provider.

  • Jenny

    InstaForex is an excellent broker that provides very such services like the ForexCopy and PAMM system. Particularly I prefer to trade with the PAMM system because I don’t have enough time to be aware of the market, so I prefer that a professional trader traders for me. I have increased my money a lot, that is why I really recommend them.

  • Nadia

    I would like to say that I am a client of InstaForex too. I am really happy with my broker because since i started to trade with them, i could accumulate good earnings in my trading account. Even i can trade directly from my smartphone and platform works as good as in PC.

  • WingFX

    Instaforex is very popular in instant execution of trades. It is very profitable trading with this broker. They are very honest and professional.

  • Jenny

    InstaForex is the best broker. I have been trading with them for 2 years on a demo and real account and I have to say they are the best. Mark my words you wont’t find any better broker. Moreover, InstaForex has fast execution, excellent fixed spreads, no slippage, and excellent customer service.

  • Annie

    Once I used trade with weltrade. They didn’t understand what trader need! but Instaforex know what dose we want to do or we want.

  • Jenny

    I tried to contact them today about my withdrawal request & I’m very happy for the prompt response I’ve got. They processed my request today! This broker is very responsive and I noticed that they didn’t leave any of their clients unattended.

  • Annie

    Using Insta better than HotForex withdraw quick Supported equally but Insta probably better. I feel secure when investing my money on InstaForex.

  • Annie

    I have Compared to CitiFX Pro brokers, I think that this is better at least because of their good system: low spread, fast executions, stable trading platform and best trading tools.

  • Jenny

    I have only great things to say about InstaForex. Best mt4 broker out there. The staff is very helpful and I have my own personal broker when I call.

  • Omar.pip

    I am very happy to trade with InstaForex because my earnings don’t cease to increase every day. I have learnt a lot from its courses and seminars. Its support team is great and always available to help me in all my doubts.

  • Annie

    I have decided to trade with this broker because of their advantages as a trader and also because I’ve improve my skills thanks to their contents and campaigns. This is the best broker so far.

  • Jenny

    I really appreciate the friendly people at Instaforex. I’ve been with several companies that did not seem to give a damn about me and Insta clearly takes a different attitude with their customers. I’ve now moved all of my accounts under them with any clearing firm that they work with. I highly recommend using them as your introducing broker.

  • Jenny

    After a few profitable trades, I requested to withdraw 90% of my profits. I am quite surprised because this broker proceeded all my requests after an hour. I thought it takes time to get the profits but I was wrong. Instaforex has an instant withdrawals.

  • Nadia Hurtado

    I am trading with InstaForex for long and my opinion for this broker is very positive. I am very surprised for tight spreads they offer, especially in major currencies. Instatrader, its trading platform, is very functional and easy to use, apart from the fact that there are several servers inside.

  • ArcangelFX

    I like to trade with such an amazing broker. There aren’t requotes in Instatrader, its trading platform, execution of trades is very fast and all my requests for withdrawals and deposits are processed very fast. Customer service is very nice and always ready to help me.

  • Jenny

    They provide a lot of ways to withdraw and deposit, so I completely trust this broker.

  • Jenny

    Trading with InstaForex help me get more experience in forex trading. Their ForexCopy is very useful for newbies as me to follow pro-traders and make trades sure. Now, I have my own strategy in forex business thank to InstaForex.

  • Jenny

    Instaforex is one of the best brokers in the world. Their execution speed is marvelous and much accurate. Pip spread is also fine and their micro account is suitable for any new comer. Their support team is working well.

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